Three-year-old girl from Bedford who was born 13 weeks premature excited to start nursery

She weighed 760g and measured just 10 inches

By Clare Turner
Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 2:55 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 2:57 pm

A three-year-old girl from Bedford who was born at 27 weeks weighing just 760g is excited to be starting nursery after hitting all her milestones.

Jessica Shannon was born by emergency caesarean in 2018 when her mum, Rebecca, had two pregnancy complications, pre-eclampsia and HELLP (haemolysis, elevated liver enzyme levels, and low platelet levels).

Combined, these complications were restricting Jessica’s growth - who measured just 10 inches - and with Rebecca’s blood pressure so high the decision was made to transfer them to Cambridge for the delivery.

Jessica measured just 10 inches when she was born

Jessica was later diagnosed with chronic lung disease - and also needed urgent eye surgery.

After 16 weeks in hospital, she was able to go home but kept on oxygen to help with her breathing.

And, now, three years on Jessica is she preparing to start nursery full time this month.

Mum Rebecca said: “It’s amazing to see Jessica doing so well. She is a healthy three year old who is running around and playing, nothing holds her back.

Jessica Shannon

"She hasn’t needed any further hospital stays or treatment and she has been completely signed off by her consultants.

"She has hit all of her milestones without any issues and just needs to wear glasses because of her laser eye surgery."

The Sick Children's Trust helped Jessica's parents - Rebecca and Lee - stay nearby in one of its 10 ‘Homes from Home’.