These are the 13 most haunted places in Bedford

October is the month of all things spooky and instead of celebrating the 31st with sweets and horror films, why not get a real scare this Hallowe'en

Tuesday, 27th October 2020, 2:42 pm
Bedford (Google)

Bedford and Bedfordshire is home to many a haunted location - and some have garnered a reputation as being particularly spooky. Here we list the places that might just give you nightmares. If you are hoping to experience a glimpse of supernatural activity this Hallowe'en, make sure you pay a visit to one of these notorious destinations.

The Higgins Bedford - there have been sightings of several entities including a 1930s style man wearing a bowler hat, another man wearing a dark suit, and a stable boy who walks around the library
The Methodist Church, in Newnham Avenue - several witnesses have been terrified by a man dressed in 20s style tweed creeping along the back of the church, leaving a wispy trail of smoke in his wake
Houghton House, Ampthill - sightings have a little girl standing in the doorway, while others have heard a horse-drawn coach pulling up
Ampthill Park is said to be haunted by a ghostly knight. Those that have seen him claim he rides a horse down to the nearby stream, then disappears
The King’s Arms Pub in St Mary’s Street, Bedford - staff have reported the sensation of being watched in the cellar or the presence of an older man wearing a short-sleeved shirt
Bedford Cineworld - Screen 4 and the toilet area are supposedly haunted by a hooded figure with cold spots and strange sounds also reported
This junction of Tavistock Street, Union Street and Clapham Road was the location of the execution and burial of notorious 19th century highwayman, Black Tom. He has been seen with another unknown ghost numerous times
Bedford Hospital - members of staff have seen a girl in a long dress on several occasions. The Shand Ward is also said to be haunted
St Mary The Virgin in Clophill - it has a long history of reported hauntings, including a black hooded monk, as well as supposed satanic rituals
Chicksands Priory - the ghost of a girl, known as Rosetta, has been seen on the 17th of the month. She is said to be searching for the body of her lover
Cardington Hangars - It's said that every night at 12am, a ghost called Charlie who died in an airship accident haunts the hangars by throwing things around
Bedford Castle Mound - it’s claimed that if you stand at the mound at night and listen very carefully, you'll be able to hear the creaking of the castle gallows
Flitwick Manor - there have been several sightings of the 'house keeper' looking out of windows and walking around the corridors at night