There are so many lost pubs in Bedford - here's a selection

The lost pubs of Bedford - but how many do you remember?

We take a look back at some of our forgotten boozers

Wednesday, 4th August 2021, 4:15 pm

Good for a pub crawl or just spending the entire night in one boozer with your mates, Bedford has always boasted a great selection of watering holes.

But, sadly over the years, some of our beloved pubs have been converted into takeaways or bulldozed to make way for another development.

A personal favourite was The Angel, in Elstow Road - a pub/venue, which put on a huge variety of bands over the years including a little known Brit Pop combo in the 90s.

What was their name again? Oh yeah, Oasis.

Anyway, here we feature a selection - which is by no means exhaustive - courtesy of The Lost Pubs Project

Hopefully, it will bring back some memories.

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