Support group appeals for goods from people in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Bedford to send to war-torn Ukraine

Organisers sent their first van of supplies to Ukraine yesterday

By James Lowson
Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, 11:19 am

A Ukraine support group has been set up on Facebook which is sending supplies to Ukrainian citizens from Milton Keynes, Bedford and Aylesbury.

Already, the group has organised two vans to send much-needed supplies to Ukraine via Poland, the first left the UK yesterday (1 March).

Another is planned to send urgent goods to Ukrainians on Saturday (5 March).

First Aid packs going to Ukraine, photo from Help Ukraine BAMK (Bedford, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes)

Supplies being sent to the country currently resisting a full-scale Russian invasion, have been split into five categories.

Volunteers are advised to provide much-needed supplies for military support, clothing, food, products for babies, and general goods.

The most recent appeal asks for help providing, helmets, scissors, body armour and NATO first aid packs.

Volunteers are picking up supplies in Bedford and Aylesbury before driving down to the collection point to get supplies ready for despatch vans.

More supplies on their way to Ukraine, photo from Help Ukraine BAMK (Bedford, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes)

Such has been the success of the group initially set up to gather goods from Milton Keynes, Bedford, and Aylesbury, that people from further afield are now reaching out to ask how they can help.

Goods have made their way down from Northamptonshire, while concerned residents in Cambridge are hoping to link up with organisers to send medical aid to Ukraine.

Donations can be dropped off at a warehouse in Milton Keynes located at Unit 50 Tanners Drive, MK14 5BW.

A group spokesman said: "This group is created exclusively to help Ukraine and its heroic and courageous people withstand Russian aggression and aid them by donating items that are in short supply.

"This is for both Ukrainian fighters and refugees in western Ukraine."

Organisers are providing another way for people living further north to provide donations to Ukraine without having to send all their supplies to national charities based in London.

One of the key organisers hails from Lviv, an area where thousands of refugees have seeked solace and safety, since bombing has begun in nearby cities such as Kyiv.

The group is in contact with other not-for-profit support organisations like UK Aid for Ukraine.

It also has links to volunteers currently helping in Lviv caring for wounded soldiers and isolated escapees, seeking safety from the most at risk areas of Ukraine.

Today marks the seventh day since Russia launched its full might at Ukraine.

Speaking as paratrooper attacks on major Ukrainian cities continue alongside an onslaught of air raids signalled by Russian forces, President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, called for more Western support.

Ukrainian officials have urged Nato to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine to stop Russian genocide.

On Monday (28 February) the UN reported that over 100 Ukrainian civilians have died during the Russian invasion, but officials fear the number could be considerably higher.