Spooky display of giant webs pops up in Bedford - caused by caterpillars

Ermine moth caterpillars are behind the spectacle

By Newsdesk
Friday, 4th June 2021, 12:39 pm
Updated Friday, 4th June 2021, 12:40 pm
The huge webs
The huge webs

A spooky display has popped up in Bedford - but it's not a very early Halloween prank, it's down to caterpillars.

Reader Ali Green spotted the webbing on Progress Way, Elstow, and sent us these pictures.

She said: "Entire trees and shrubs are covered head to foot in webs that look like a fake Halloween display.

A closer look at the webbing

"I think Ermine Moth Caterpillars - thousands of them and they destroy entire trees and shrubs."

But a Bedford Borough spokesperson said it was nothing to be concerned about.

They said: “The images that we have seen appear to be Ermine Moth Caterpillars, which will soon pupate before re-emerging as adult moths in the late summer.

“Ermine Moth Caterpillars are harmless and any shrubs or trees that are affected will recover.”

Taking a look at the spooky sight

The Royal Horticultural Society advises: "Defoliation is most severe on small trees and plants and the webbing can cause alarm, however it should not affect the long term health or vigour of host plants and where possible can be tolerated."

The webs are caused by Ermine Moth Caterpillars