RSPCA deals with more than 1,000 lockdown incidents in county, including a deer stuck in a metal gate in Bedford

Animal was in distress and couldn't break free

Tuesday, 11th August 2020, 12:15 pm

The RSPCA’s key workers have responded to 1,068 incidents during lockdown in Bedfordshire - that's an average of eight a day.

Designated as key workers by the Government, officers have operated an emergency service, collected animals from the homes of people who have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19, as well as rescuing animals in need.

One such rescue was of a frightened deer which had got stuck in a metal gate in Bedford in April.

The distressed muntjac which had got stuck in a metal gate in Bedford

The poor muntjac was unable to escape so the RSPCA was called to help him as well as the fire service which bent the posts to free him before releasing him into the wild.

Dermot Murphy, chief inspectorate officer, said: “We’ve had to quickly and drastically change the way we work during these unprecedented times, from the way we rehome animals to the PPE we wear when responding to calls.

“But the priority for us during lockdown has been to continue to be there for those animals who need us - while also helping people who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

“But to continue our vital work and to survive the huge impact this pandemic has had on the economy and, therefore, the charity sector, we really need your help. Please donate whatever you can spare at”