MP offers help to Bedford constituents who have family stuck in Afghanistan

But he can only help those in Kempston and Bedford

Bedford MP Mohammad Yasin has vowed to help constituents in Bedford and Kempston that are either stuck or have family stuck in Afghanistan.

On his Facebook page he pledged to help those who need help in leaving Afghanistan - whether they are British citizens or not - to contact his office.

You can email [email protected] - but you must provide the following information for each person who needs help:

Taliban fighters sit over a vehicle on a street in Laghman province

*Are they a British national (different departments responsible)

*Full name

*Date of birth


Mohammad Yasin MP

*Relationship to you (mother, father etc)

*Home Office reference number

*Passport / travel document number

*Have they already obtained a visa

*Do they have a visa application pending (if so, provide the reference)

*Individual(s)’ contact details

Mr Yasin said: "Please note that individual MPs are limited in that we do not make a decision on who receives help or not.

"But I can make sure that the relevant department has your or your family's case to make a decision on."

British nationals stuck in Afghanistan can also contact UK Consular Services on +44 (0)1908 516666 and select the option 'Consular services for British nationals'.