Meet RoboVac - brought into clean up Bedford Travelodge

Let's hope they don't break free like they did it nearby Cambridge

If it's good enough for Breaking Bad, it's good enough for Bedford.

In a UK first, an army of custom-made RoboVac Buddies have checked into the four Bedford Travelodge hotels - Goldington Road, Bedford Heights, Marston Moretaine and Wyboston .

Similar to Jesse's Roomba cleaner in the multi-award winning TV series Breaking Bad, the squad of RoboVac Buddies have been specifically designed to clean up to nearly 44,000 rooms across the budget chain every day, 365 days of the year.

The RoboVac Buddies

It's aimed at lightening the workload for the housekeeping team, who collectively vacuum the distance from Bedford to New York every day.

It took nine months to complete and included the production of five prototypes before the birth of the Travelodge RoboVac Buddy.

But what can this bad boy do? The answer is quite a lot:

It has an industrial booster battery allowing it to vacuum lots of rooms with one charge during its shift

The army of custom-made RoboVac Buddies

It has a larger and lighter dust collector so that it only needs to be emptied at the end of its shift

It's greener and quieter than a traditional corded hoover

Though Lira Namoni, Travelodge RoboVac Buddy trainer, did admit: "There have been a couple of casualties during training, a RoboVac Buddy at Gatwick Airport Travelodge took a wrong turn and was found in Spain.

"Another RoboVac Buddy at Cambridge Orchard Park Travelodge had a technical glitch during its reception cleaning shift and bolted out of the hotel on to the streets."