Help needed for rescue charity to save twice as many animals this Christmas in Milton Keynes and Bedford

An animal welfare charity covering Milton Keynes and Bedford has appealed for help to save twice as many animals this Christmas.

Robin shorlty after he was found
Robin shorlty after he was found

An extra £22,500 in funding is up for grabs with The Big Give Christmas Challenge, but this will only be released as part of a match funding campaign.

All donations made to HULA’s Big Give Christmas Challenge Appeal between Tuesday December 3 and Tuesday December 10 will be doubled by champion funders.

If Aspley Guise-based HULA, now part of the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT), can reach their £22,500 target, then it will automatically double into a huge £45,000.

Robin's life was saved

The shelter rehomes hundreds of unwanted and abandoned animals each year and prepares them for a better life in a new home. Each animal receives expert veterinary care, as well as rehabilitative training.

It is this care that transforms the lives of dogs like Robin, who arrived at HULA earlier this year, after he and his three littermates were dumped outside the gates in a filthy and seriously ill state.

The Hula animal care team made the distressing discovery when they arrived to work that morning. An urgent vet check confirmed everyone’s worst fears - that every puppyhad parvovirus and there was a big chance they would all die overnight.

Against the odds, all four puppies pulled through and very slowly Robin began to gather strength.

Team Leader, Carley Farr said: “We shared the story of these poorly pups far and wide, and in response our amazing supporters saved their lives. The horrors Robin experienced in those early weeks of life can be understood only in our imaginations, but generous donations from our loyal supporter base took him from the brink of death to a healthy future, filled with happiness."

Carrley added: “Robin is now enjoying a wonderful life with a loving, responsible owner. We’re so lucky to have such amazing support from the community; our little shelter simply wouldn’t survive without it!”

HULA is appealing to supporters, neighbours and any person with a passion for the welfare of animals to donate from as little as £5 to their Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign from December 3 and help them secure the £22,500 of funding.

For more details of the National animal Welfare Trust, see here.