Forty houses affected by Christmas flooding in Bedford

But road closures and flood warnings are now lifted

Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 12:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 1:00 pm

Early estimates suggested around 40 properties in the borough were affected with floodwater over the Christmas period.

Heavy rain thrashed Bedford and North Bedfordshire villages from Wednesday evening (December 23) onwards

Initially, residents were urged to stay indoors as some cars had become stuck in the floods and around 1,300 households were visited ahead of the floodwater’s arrival.

Flooding at Sutton in Bedfordshire (Picture by Darren Brooker)

As the rain took hold, individuals were then permitted to go to other people’s homes, despite the Tier 4 Covid regulations currently in place.

The council also set up emergency centres at Bedford International Athletic Stadium and Bromham Village Hall for anyone who had to evacuate. These have now been closed.

However, with a number of the flood warnings and road closures now lifted, council officers, emergency services and volunteers will be visiting the households within affected communities to gather information on the impacts and provide information and advice on recovering from a flood.

This advice includes what to do with flood damaged/contaminated items.

Flooding at Sutton in Bedfordshire (Picture by Darren Brooker)

For household items damaged or contaminated by water, check with your insurance company first to ensure removing items will not affect any claim you may make.

If items have to be removed, place them into/next to the black bin on your next bin day. Remember these are different due to festive bank holidays, and can be checked hereHouseholders which have been flooded are asked to get in touch with the council via email at [email protected] so their property can be added to the database of properties at risk, so agencies can provide appropriate support into the future.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “Early estimates have suggested that around 40 properties in the borough saw floodwater come in. Working with volunteers and our partners including emergency services we will be visiting the homes and communities impacted by this serious incident to provide information and support with the recovery.

“We have seen incredible comradeship shown by organisations, volunteers and communities across the Borough and I am hugely grateful to everyone for the support shown in recent days.”