Flitwick Scouts are back to adventuresFlitwick Scouts are back to adventures
Flitwick Scouts are back to adventures

Flitwick Scouts enjoy an adventurous day out

Flitwick Scout Group has returned to face to face activitites after more than a year

Scouts from Flitwick spent an adventurous day out enjoying activities from archery and rifle shooting to science and gadget making.

The 48 Cub Scouts from Flitwick Scout Group visited Great Barford Activity Centre, after more than 12 months of being unable to go camping or enjoy some of the traditional scouting activities.

Adult volunteer, Karen Fletcher said, “It was great to see all of the children out in the open air just enjoying themselves. Even when it rained the children hardy noticed it and carried on cooking on the open fire, playing some sports or going out for a walk.”

Cub Scout Jamie Ng Miller said, “I really enjoyed the day. My best activity was making the ‘screaming balloons’ and it was great to see so many of my friends.”

Social distancing was in place, with staggered times for arrivals and departures, and small groups taking part in the activities.

The boys and girls, aged eight to 10, also took part in a knotting evening where they were taught five different knots and hitches and visited the local church, where they explored the outside as well as the inside of the building and learned the stories of the stained glass windows.

The group's Beaver Scouts, aged six to eight, also enjoyed getting out in the great outdoors, with visits to Flitwick Woods and Manor Park. They were also able to get back to the traditional activity of toasting marshmallows over an open fire and learning how to pitch a tent!

The youngsters also enjoyed planting potatoes and will be harvesting them in July to see who managed to grow the biggest crop.

Future activities include inventing a machine, learning about the green cross code and making Father’s Day gifts.

Meanwhile, activities for the Scouts, aged 10 to 13, have included bicycle maintenance in preparation for a cycle ride, learning how to use a knife so they could carve their own tent

peg, and using some of their new camping stoves in preparation for some hikes in the future.

But the group desperately needs new volunteers.

Lead volunteer for the Group Darren Reeve said, “Since we’ve returned from lockdown we have been inundated by requests from parents/carers for children to join the group.

"With full sections already, we really need some more volunteers to help out with any of the age groups. If you know someone who might be a great volunteer with Scouts, please contact us.”

For further information about Flitwick Scouts, visit www.flitwickscoutgroup.org.uk

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