This hotel is just one of the many interesting business currently for sale in Bedford (Picture courtesy of Estate Office Investments Limited, London)

Fancy buying a hotel? Here's just some of the latest businesses for sale in Bedford

There's everything from sandwich shops and florists to garages and hairdressers

Ever fancied running your own hotel?

Well, you could be in luck as one has just gone on the market.

The boutique hotel in Shakespeare Road is a 3/4 star Edwardian property and is just one of the more interesting businesses currently available to buy in Bedford.

And if you're not interested in being the next Basil Fawlty, fear not as there's a whole host of businesses to choose from.

There's a bespoke events hire company, a hairdressers - and there's even the old Times & Citizen offices in Mill Street.

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Have a nosey at our selection.

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