Ex councillor in court accused of sexually abusing disabled woman

Paul Prescod.
Paul Prescod.

A former Bedford Borough councillor accused of sexually abusing a disabled woman told the police she had consented to a ‘bit of fun,’ a jury heard today (Wednesday).

Paul Prescod, 49, from Wootton near Bedford, was described as ‘intimidating and aggressive’ towards the woman, who was unable to resist his advances.

Paul Prescod.

Paul Prescod.

In a recorded interview with the police, that was played at Luton Crown Court, the woman said when she first met Prescod he gave her his ‘councillor’ card.

She said Prescod smoked ‘weed and coke’, took cigarettes from her, borrowed money that he did not pay back and, on three occasions, touched her down her bra and in her knickers.

The woman, who was aided by an intermediary, said: “He kept putting his hand down my knickers. I didn’t like it. It isn’t right.”

Prosecutor Beverly Cripps told the jury that two relatives became concerned after seeing the Bedford Borough councillor at the woman’s home. She said: “The defendant was drunk and under the influence of drugs. He was rude and they asked him to leave. He was aggressive and intimidating. He had helped himself to £100 of her cash.”

Because of their concerns, the police were called.

The first abuse is alleged to have happened over Christmas 2013. The former councillor, who did not run for re-election earlier this year, is alleged to have borrowed money from the woman. He is also said to have kissed her, touched her breasts under her clothing and put his hands in her knickers. “She could not resist. She told him she wanted to go the toilet,” said Ms Cripps.

Then in March last year it is alleged he kissed her again. She is said to have told him to get off as he touched her chest and then put his hand inside her knickers.

On the third occasion, some time between April and August last year, it is alleged he did the same again.

Prescod, of Cynthia Court, Wootton, pleads not guilty to three charges of sexual assault and three of assault by penetration between December 2013 and August last year.

Ms Cripps said Prescod was interviewed by the police without a solicitor. Ms Cripps said: “He answered every question and said there had been consensual sexual activity between the two. He said it happened on two occasions and she agreed to it.

“He said they had been drinking. He was under the influence and so was she. He said he didn’t want a relationship. He said it was a ‘bit of fun’.”

On the third occasion he told the police he had gone to her home to repay money he had borrowed and that nothing happened.

But Ms Cripps said: “He exploited this vulnerable woman by taking advantage of her disability. He is intimidating and aggressive and she did not have the faculties to resist.”

The case continues.