Dog survives after breaking pelvis falling from fourth-floor window in Bedford

Kia’s story features in the latest episode of The Dogs Rescuers

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 4:15 pm

A dog whose life hung in the balance after falling from a fourth floor - breaking her pelvis and puncturing her lung - is now loving life in her new home after her miraculous survival. WATCH ABOVE

RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs was working in Bedford when he was called to a vets to help eight-month-old Shar-Pei Kia.

The young dog had been rushed into the surgery after falling from a fourth-floor window; but vets needed her owner’s permission to treat her.

Kia with Aaron in her new home in Leicestershire

Justin said: “We’ve just spoken to the owner in the flat, which was indeed four floors. He wasn’t monitoring the dog at the time, he thought she was upstairs at the balcony in a cage but, between us all, it appears that she may have somehow got on to the balcony ledge, chewed a bit of the netting and fallen through.”

The battle to save Kia’s life features on tonight’s (Tuesday) latest episode of Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers, airing at 7pm.

Kia needed X-rays and life-saving treatment for a broken pelvis and punctured lung. But, when she took a turn for the worse and had difficulty breathing, it was touch-and-go whether the poor dog would survive.

She was rushed into surgery where vets placed a tube in her chest cavity to remove trapped air. Her oxygen levels dropped drastically low but the experts battled to save her and finally managed to inflate her lung.

Kia, with RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs, after the accident in Bedford

Kia was then moved to the RSPCA’s Harmsworth Hospital for round-the-clock monitoring and care.

Vet Anna Spasojevic said: “An X-ray of the pelvis showed a fracture in the ilium, the upper wing of the pelvis. Thankfully there’s no need for surgery and this will all heal with time.”

Staff were concerned her fall may have damaged her spine or nerves and affect her mobility so they were thrilled when she started to walk well on her own. Vet Anna added: “She’s been very lucky.”

Kia was eventually signed over by her owner and adopted by Sarah and Nathaniel Maples, and their son Aaron, from Leicestershire.

Nathaniel said: “She loves a cuddle with Aaron when he comes home from school; they both sit on the couch and she goes up and leans on him

It’s amazing when you rescue a dog because you get to see them completely transform. You would never know she fell down a four-story building and broke her pelvis. She runs around and jumps around so it’s a really good feeling to watch the transformation.”