Children at Bedford Hospital will be anything but grizzly thanks to these teddy bear donations

A hospital visit can be a frightening experience for a young child, especially in an emergency situation

Monday, 26th April 2021, 3:58 pm

Bedford Hospital - together with Luton Hospital - has taken delivery of more than 29,000 teddies as part of a scheme by the Freemasons

The Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) can be used to demonstrate procedures on, as well as distract children so nurses and doctors can get on with their jobs.

It all started when a Freemason’s wife was rushed to A&E and members of his lodge proposed a small donation to say thank you.

Sister Nicola Lane at Bedford Hospital has a listen to teddy's heart

However, they thought they could do more and came up with the idea for Teddies for Loving Care.

Originally launched in Essex in March 2001, it has since spread to 47 other areas across England and Wales.