Cat missing for three years returns home


A delighted owner has been reunited with her cat – a staggering three and a half years after he went missing.

Carolyn Withers was distraught when tabby Morgan James popped out of the cat flap one evening in November 2012 and never returned.

“I roamed the streets looking for him and put leaflets all round the area. but he’d vanished without a trace,” said the 63-year-old, who lives on the Prime Ministers estate.

Then, on Saturday morning came the call from Bedford Vets4Pets surgery.

“They just said: ‘We have Morgan James here if you’d like to come an pick him up.’ I honestly thought it was a late April Fool joke,” said Carolyn.

But almost as soon as she arrived at the surgery, Morgan James purred a welcome – and he hasn’t stopped puring since in his delight to be home.

“A lady had found him miles away at the other side of town and handed him in as a stray.The vets found my details on his microchip,” said Carolyn. “But he’s certainly not been sleeping rough as he’s in superb condition... It’s a mystery – and a real miracle.”