'Bomb scare' in London caused by car believed to be rented by Bedfordshire Police

Metropolitan Police were alerted to the 'suspicious vehicle'

By Reporter
Thursday, 18th November 2021, 5:48 pm

A bomb scare that delayed the start of a Labour Friends of Israel event in Westminster is believed to have been caused by a car rented by Bedfordshire Police.

Metropolitan Police were made aware of a suspicious vehicle on Matthew Parker Street, London, shortly after 12pm on Tuesday, November 16.

Specialist officers attended and the vehicle was examined.


It is now believed that the vehicle was being rented by Bedfordshire Police.

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police denied a controlled explosion took place, but confirmed officers smashed windows on the vehicle.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that it was believed the Bedfordshire force had rented the black Nissan Qashqai but failed to display a police logbook in the window to show the vehicle was safe.

Bedfordshire Police declined to comment.

The Met spokesperson added: "Specialist officers attended. The window had been smashed by officers, there was no controlled explosion.

"The car was a rental vehicle, did not belong to the Metropolitan Police Service. Believe it was Beds Police."