Bedfordshire Police remind residents of burglary prevention advice

Opportunist thieves could target open doors and windows

Officers are reminding Bedfordshire residents that as the days get warmer and they are tempted to leave windows and doors open, this can also be a target for opportunist thieves.

Whilst the number of burglaries have reduced across the county, Bedfordshire Police are reminding people of their prevention advice.

The force is advising the public to:


- Keep their front doors and windows closed and locked, and where possible, avoid leaving valuables and car keys on display

- Close windows and lock up their properties when they leave their homes

- When you are not using garages and sheds, make sure they are locked and secure, as would-be thieves will look for opportunities to steal tools, and may even use these tools to break into your home.

To report any incidents or suspicious behaviour, call 101, or 999 in an emergency.