Bedford's Labour MP sets out his election stall

Mohammad Yasin has issued an election rallying cry after a general election was announced for December 12.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 9:44 am
Mohammad Yasin

The Bedford and Kempston MP, who was first elected in 2017, will be on the ballot with Conservative Ryan Henson, Lib Dem Henry Vann, and the Green Party's Adrian Spurrell.

And Mr Yasin put health and local services at the heart of his manifesto.

He said: "There is now a chance to fundamentally change Bedford and Kempston - and the UK - for the better.

"Together we have protected vital services at Bedford Hospital and Putnoe Walk-in Centre. At the last election I pledged to save these services and with your support, we did just that. Local services, which local people value and cherish most, will always be my priority.

"These are services we have seen decimated under a Conservative government which is long past its time. Brexit may have dominated headlines but cuts to healthcare, education and policing are blighting lives here in Bedford and Kempston."

He added: "We need our public services back and they must be properly funded. Only the Labour Party will ensure Bedfordshire Police have the resources they need to keep your family safe. The Tories took 20,000 police off the street and levels of crime are rising. Labour will bring community policing back to our streets. Labour will also fund youth and rehabilitation services to tackle the causes of crime.

"As a commuter, I understand the impact railway chaos is having on peoples work and family lives. I have spoken out, lobbied and represented rail users at the highest level and will continue to speak out against cuts to rail services. Labour will bring our railways back into public ownership, so they are run in the interests of passengers, not private profit. The Tories do not want to listen, but I will not stop fighting for passengers.

"This election is a clear choice between the local Labour MP for Bedford and Kempston and the Conservatives. Bedford has been my home for 27 years. I have raised my family here and depend on local NHS services, schools and council services like my constituents. The Tories have a candidate from Hertfordshire who supports Boris Johnson’s disastrous Brexit plans. I believe Bedford and Kempston residents should have their say over any deal.

"Regardless of the election, Bedford will continue to be the place I call home and I will continue to stand up for our towns."