Bedford woman releases first children's book

A former Bedford school teacher has published her first book

Margaret Woods, of Myrtle Road, has announced that The Curious Cake will be released on Friday, February 28.

The story, the first in a trio of children's books by the 57-year-old, is a sequence of mishaps, adventure and comedy that sees the characters working together to try and save the party from disaster.

Margaret, who volunteers at Cauldwell Primary School, said: "It is very exciting to have a book published and the publishers have been really supportive throughout.

Margaret Woods

"I used to be a supply teacher in primary schools, I have always loved writing and decided recently to put pen to paper.

"I had an idea of the characters in my head for a while before I created the stories.

"One day I was baking a cake and it went horribly wrong and I started thinking about how magic could help fix the problem, and the idea for the story came from that.

"I volunteer at a lower school in Bedford and I listen to the children reading, so I know what keeps them reading, funny stories.

"They were the first to hear about Francine, Mackintosh and Victor and their adventures.

"I have two more children's books planned that follow on from this one, and then I might write some books for adults."

The Curious Cake, published by Austin Macauley Publishers, will be available on and Amazon and in most book shops.