Bedford woman records single for Parkinson's disease with Grammy-award winner who worked with Ed Sheeran

Music had to be produced remotely due to restrictions

When one of her close family members was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, singer/songwriter Anita Gabrielle of Bedford wanted to make something positive from such difficult news.

So she decided to produce an EP of songs to raise funds to help fund research into the disease.

But even more amazingly - when Grammy-award winner Amy Wadge, who co-wrote Thinking Out Loud with Ed Sheeran, heard about Anita's efforts - she offered to play piano and sing on one of the songs.

Anita Gabrielle

The song - Best Friends - will be released as a digital download on November 30 and the EP Just Neat will be released on December 7 as both download and a CD.

And, due to lockdown, recording was a little unorthodox too.

Anita said: "The music for Just Neat has been produced remotely - in a bit of an unusual way - by Ben Garraway who runs the Sound Garage recording studio here in Bedford.

"I recorded my guitars and vocals on my old 1997 eight-track recorder and emailed all the sound files to Ben and we have mixed and mastered all five songs by Zoom. Amy also recorded her piano and vocal and sent the files to Ben to mix."

Amy Wadge

Anita added: "Obviously, I was absolutely thrilled to be supported by someone with the credentials of an artist like Amy, who not only has worked with Ed Sheeran but many other major artists too."

All money will go to Parkinson's research and Anita has also set up a Just Giving page here

Ed Sheeran