Bedford teen who had rocks thrown at him by bullies loses over FOUR STONE in weight

"My favourite day to eat at school was a Friday when it was fish and chips"

By Clare Turner
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 4:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 4:48 pm

A teenager who was abused on a daily basis - even having rocks thrown at him - has lost four stone in weight.

Jacob Starr, from Bedford, weighed over 18 stone at the age of 15 and had lost all confidence.

He said: “I was a victim of both verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis by the older kids at school.

Jacob Starr now

"I would get shoved around, pinned up against the walls, chased, called names and even rocks would get thrown at me, all because of my size."

Unfortunately for Jacob his school was not much support when it came to healthy eating either.

He said: “Sweets and cakes were offered as rewards, school dinners were mostly greasy, my favourite day to eat at school was a Friday when it was fish and chips."

Encouraged by his family, he joined the Bedford Slimming World classes in Brickhill and managed to lose four stone.

Jacob Starr before the weight loss

Now aged 18, Jacob said: “I actually wasn’t nervous about joining Slimming World, but initially I didn’t want anyone to know I was going as I was too embarrassed to admit I wanted to lose weight."

But he admits: “I have always found the classes to be very helpful and friendly towards me and my weight loss, other members are always giving great ideas and it really inspired me in my own healthy eating.”

Jacob’s current consultant, Susan Phillips, said: "I want to stress that all our work with our younger members like Jacob when he joined is based on supporting them to make ‘cool swaps’ with their food choices.

"If they want that treat packet of crisps, or if they want a Maccy D’s with their mates, they will still be able to choose that, but we also give them the tools to know how to make their own awesome burger with chips at home as a family."

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Jacob has now blossomed from a shy, reserved teenager into a confident young man - and has even joined a gym.


Breakfast - cereal and some crisps

Lunch - a sandwich and more crisps, yogurt and a small chocolate bar

Dinner - oven pizza and chips

Plus chocolate and sweets snacks


Breakfast - porridge and fruit

Lunch - veg packed rice salad with some tuna or Quorn ham, and more fruit

Dinner - spaghetti bolognese or chilli and rice, both with lots of vegetables

Plus yogurts, frozen grapes, fruit as snacks

The Brickhill Slimming World group meets at St Mark's Church Centre, Calder Rise, Brickhill, on Monday evening.

Call Susan on 07717 870513 if you want to discuss anything before coming along.