Bedford man criticises police for failing to act after he was targeted by cyber criminals

Police say the allegations were investigated and no crime was found to have been committed

A Bedford man has criticised police for failing to act when he was targeted by cyber criminals.

Andrew Rose claims that for the last three years he has had his devices hacked and says he has proof to show the locations where cyber criminals have logged in from.

And he even claims the issues and lack of action from police made it difficult for him to get work and left his wife and children feeling scared.


He said: "Bedfordshire Police have gone to great lengths to ignore these issues. These issues are more than inconvenient.

"I made the Police aware and gave them all the evidence, named suspects and provided the motive. Beds Police paid no attention.

"They then closed the investigation without speaking to anyone and when I complained they suggested that they doubted I had actually been hacked.

"I raised an official complaint and it was handled by a DI from the department that I was complaining about. The complaint went no further.

"I then reported the hacking to Action Fraud who passed it to Beds Police. Beds Police did not speak to me, ask for or look at any evidence at all. I received a letter saying that they were closing my complaint of hacking.

"They specifically stated that they had no reason to believe it was anything to do with the suspects I had mentioned and felt that it was just a suspicious event.

"As the hacking continued and my life was being affected I reported it to Action Fraud again. The hacking continued and the disruption to my life had obviously lasted a long time by now.

"To this day, I am still here having my devices hacked into, so are members of my family.

"There has been no investigation of any sort and the police will not even acknowledge that there is a case to answer. Beds Police bungled it in the first place. They then covered up their bungling when I complained.

"I just want the police to do their job and investigate these continuous crimes."

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police said: “In August 2018 and January 2019 Bedfordshire Police was contacted by a person reporting he had been a victim of hacking and reporting suspicious activity on his electronic devices.

“Both allegations have been investigated and no crime have been found to be committed.

"The person has been safeguarded and advised how to keep their devices secure.

“The investigation has been filed pending further information coming to light.”