Bedford goalie "blown away" by footie mates as they organise fundraising match for him

His teammates will go up against former pros later this month

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 7:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 7:54 pm

When Denham Raptors goalie Ryan Moulding lost all feeling in his lower body, his friends decided to rally round.

The 25-year-old, from Shortstown, had previously undergone spinal surgery - but had been given the green light to continue playing football.

However, the former carer has now since been told he will be wheelchair bound for the long term after losing the feeling in his leg three weeks ago.

Ryan Moulding

And now his footie mates are rallying round and organising a fundraising match - as well as setting up a GoFundMe page - to help with costs Ryan will need to adjust to this new life.

Ryan said: "It is unexpected. I've been blown away by my friends. I cannot ever express my gratitude."

But as Kieran Patrickson, Denham Raptors chairman and manager, said: "'Once A Raptor, Always A Raptor' - this goes to all our players. Ryan only played for us for around half a season, but whether he was a long-serving player, or a new player, I would have planned this anyway."

The match - at Kempston Rovers on June 20 - is against a team of former pros, which is being managed by former pro Dean Hooper. Dean is a co-founder of Footballflow UK, which helps people, football clubs and organisations to improve the way they support people suffering from mental health issues.