Bedford Cineworld moved into new group for Unlimited customers - and here is how it affects your monthly cost

The cinema is expected to reopen next week - and they have made some changes to Unlimited Membership

By Reporter
Monday, 10th May 2021, 11:04 am

Bedford Cineworld is due to open next week and the cinema has made changes if you are an Unlimited member - with different monthly prices for different cinemas.

In an email to all Unlimited customers, they said: "As we expect to reopen our cinemas very soon, in line with current UK government guidance, we wanted to get in touch to let you know about some exciting changes to Unlimited memberships.

"We are introducing Unlimited Membership Groups for new and existing members. There will be four groups, each containing a number of Cineworld cinemas, with different pricing. Your monthly Unlimited Membership fee will depend on the group your local Cineworld falls into."

Bedford Cineworld

It will cost Bedford Unlimited members - in Group 1 - from £9.99 a month or a one-off annual payment of £119.88

But be warned, if you often visit Milton Keynes' cinema, you'll have to upgrade to Group 3 at a cost of £18.40 a month or a one-off annual payment of £220.80.