Bedford boy bullied about his long blond hair decides to cut it all off for charity

Caleb, 10, will donate his locks to the Little Princess Trust

A 10-year-old boy who has been bullied for having waist-length hair has had a short back and sides for charity.

Caring Caleb Widger is donating his beautiful blond locks to the Little Princess Trust, which supplies real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people with cancer.

The football-playing schoolboy had been growing his hair for four years, but has endured bullying and unkind comments about it, said his mum Claire, who lives in Cranfield.

Caleb had been growing his hair for four years

With his hair reaching past his waist, he has been mistaken for a girl on "many occasions" she said.

"Caleb plays for a local football team and he has had to endure comments like 'You must be a girl as you have long hair', or '"Why don't you have short hair if you are a boy?'

"He's also had adults stereotyping in shops and restaurants that he is a girl because he has long hair."

But Claire said Caleb refused to let the bullies or comments get to him.

It reached past his waist

"Thankfully he is a very determined, strong minded individual and any negative comment is like water off a duck's back. His answer is to smile and move on. He is also supported by a close group of friends."

She said the family was "extremely proud" of Caleb and what he has achieved. But they are still keen to dispel the stereotyping about long hair.

"It would be great if you could feature him and show that boys can have long hair too!"

Caleb has also launched a fundraising page to gather donations for the Little Princess Trust and so far he has raised £120.

Caleb with his new haircut

You can view the page here.