Bedford Borough Council changes phone mast planning application after eagle-eyed reader points out mistake

The proposal was for a junction that didn't exist

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 4:46 pm

An application to place a phone mast in Bedford has been changed after a Bedford Today reader spotted that the location where it was earmarked to go didn't exist.

Lisanne Handley contacted us after a notice said there was a proposal to place an 18 metre phone mast on the the corner of Church Lane and Applecross Walk.

She said: "As such a junction doesn’t exist, I looked online at the planning application and that states the postcode MK41 0BA, which puts it at the junction of Church Lane and Arden Walk.

The junction of Arundel Drive and Church Lane

"If I had taken the notices at face value, I would not know that I need to object, as I would not have realised where it actually is."

The original objections were also only permitted until March 25.

She added: "I believe that the council are trying to hoodwink us, as if people really knew that the beautiful cedar tree was at risk, they would rightly be up in arms."

We called the council offices and a spokesman was quick to amend the mistake.

The amended planning notice

The spokesman said: “Following a concern raised by a resident, we have reviewed the planning application notices and council website and can confirm that the location we published on the initial notice was not correct. The proposed location for the 18 metre phone mast is the nearby junction of Arundel Drive and Church Lane.

“We are sending out new letters to those residents initially consulted, correcting the address. We will also be replacing the site notices. Alongside this, we will be extending the consultation period to ensure that residents who would like to comment on the planning application are able to do so.

“Residents now have until Friday, April 9 to submit comments on the planning application, ahead of a decision being made on Monday, April 12.

“As part of the planning process, the council’s tree officer will be commenting on any impact of the installation of this phone mast on the cedar tree."