Art for the homeless in Bedford


Artists are creating a picture of hope in Bedford, as part of a new project with the Bedford Homeless Partnership.

Anne Marie Abbate and Sara Turner are heading a scheme which will offer art workshops at hostels, refuges, drop-ins and on the streets, to ensure that everyone affected by homelessness has the chance to take part.

And the work will be showcased at the Higgins Gallery during the first two weeks of December.

Sam Price, inter-agency officer for the Bedford Homeless Partnership, came up with the idea of an art exhibition last year.

“Art can be really therapeutic and for people who have suffered trauma,” she said.

“It can have a hugely positive impact on their well-being and mental health. This exhibition is all about challenging the negative stereotypes and empowering those affected by homelessness.”

The scheme started last year, involving various organisations from across the homelessness sector, including YMCA Bedfordshire, Amicus Trust, Smart Prebend Centre, and Bedford Women’s Refuge.

The workshops have been funded by the Harpur Trust and the Gale Family Trust, with materials donated by Great Art and members of the public.

Workshops will take place over the next few months, and the work produced will then be submitted to the Bedford Homeless Partnership exhibition during Homelessness Awareness Week.

The next street workshop takes place on Thursday, August 29, at the bottom of De Parys Avenue in Bedford.

For more details, contact Sam Price on or call 01234 880615.