People could soon be able to apply for firearms licences online under police collaboration


People could soon be able to apply online for firearms licences under the latest police collaboration plans.

Chief constables and police commissioners at Herts, Beds and Cambs forces agreed at a meeting on Thursday to look at working together on licensing for both firearms and explosives.

Collaboration on human resources is also being explored.

The money-saving move will reduce the impact budget cuts will have on frontline policing and streamline existing processes.

Under the proposal, the two existing firearms and explosives licensing units serving the three counties, will become one shared function based at either one or two sites.

As part of this the forces are considering how technology can help, including an e-commerce system that would allow people to apply for licences online.

Police commissioner Olly Martins said: “By working more closely together in this way and streamlining processes based on industry best practice, Bedfordshire Police will be even better placed to meet tough spending targets while minimising the impact on local policing.

“As we move forward with collaboration it also makes sense to have a collaborated Human Resources and Learning and Development function that will be able to support staff and officers across the three forces.”

After considering an outline business plan for human resources, the police chiefs have give the green light to a full business case being drawn up.

The work is part of a strategic alliance between the three forces, which is focusing on collaboration as an effective way to meet continued financial challenges and reduce the impact of budget cuts on frontline services.