Patients put art up for hearts at village hall exhibition

People who are recovering from heart attacks are putting on an art exhibition at Wilstead village hall this weekend along with experts helping them to get better.


The aim is to raise money for the cardiac unit at Bedford Hospital where new exercise equipment is needed to support those who come through the system after procedures at Bedford or Papworth.

Organisers are hoping for a bumper turnout at the hall on Saturday, February 6, to buy some of the work on offer at the Heart Art Show, which is open 10am unti 1pm.

Many of the 700 people who are referred each year to the cardiac recovery team based at South Wing carry on exercising when their rehab is over.

Corey Beecher, a cardiac rehabilitation specialst who runs classes throughout Bedford and Kempston as well as at the hospital, says patients who have recovered from heart problems and surgery need to make sure they don’t go through it all again.

For the past 15 years, Corey has been part of the team of experts at the hospital who help people who have had cardiac issues and operations. They are put on a lifestyle and fitness programme that lasts between one and two months and are encouraged to carry on exercising and following the lessons they have been taught.

There are many success stories including Corey’s own father who had a heart attack and a bypass operation 19 years ago. He has carried on exercising - but some people don’t.

Corey said: “It’s easy to fall back into bad habits. We have to do everything we can to encourage people to stay on the healthy path to a longer life.

“Exercising regularly has an effect on all the other modifiable risk factors like smoking, high blood pressure, stress, diabetes and being overweight. So just adding in exercise to your routine will make your risk of further heart attacks lower. No one is immune from heart problems – even talented artists.”

Contact Corey at [email protected] or 01933 317836.