Paedophile teacher jailed as court hears of sick murder fantasy

A disgraced private school teacher plotted to acquire a caged child online before abusing and murdering them in a sick fantasy, Cambridge Crown Court heard today (July 4).

Monday, 4th July 2016, 4:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:33 pm

Chemistry teacher Scott Whitlock, 45, taught at the prestigious Kimbolton School in Huntingdon, Cambs, when he was arrested in June last year.

His crimes were discovered after his estranged partner Jill Whitemay discovered the sick files on his computer.

She sent them anonymously to a local newspaper, prosecutor Jim Brown explained.

They declined to print a story and passed the letter on to the police who investigated and raided Whitlock’s home in Bedford on June 15 last year.

They discovered 505 abuse images as well as correspondence online with other paedophiles where he lived out sick fantasises.

Mr Brown said: “She had asked Mr Whitlock to leave when she discovered photos on a computer in the household.

“She had discovered a memory stick that he had left behind.

“She investigated the memory stick on her computer and discovered a series of files where indecent material was stored.

“These included photos of girl pupils which were not in themselves indecent but were associated with files that were indecent.

“It also had a video clip which apparently had Mr Whitlock masturbating himself in the staff lavatories at Kimbolton whilst crying out that names of the girl pupils.”

Police later examined Whitlock’s computer which revealed he regularly talked with numerous other paedophiles online.

During this correspondence he shared one indecent image.

He also came very close to one fellow abuser, called Phillipa.75 - who it later emerged was a man.

They would live out sick fantasises online over the nine month period before his arrest.

In them Whitlock and Phillipa played adults with young daughters called Pippa and Naomi respectively, who they would abuse in sick roleplays.

Mr Brown added: “(They discussed) the possibility of acquiring a crated child and abusing it, killing it and disposing of the body.

“There are graphic representations of the manner of the abuse and the manner the child would have been killed.”

On his arrest Whitlock claimed a break in at his house may have caused the files to be on his computer.

He later changed this and pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing and one charge of making indecent images of children.

He also admitted one charge of distributing an indecent image of a child and one charge of publishing obscene material which related to the sick child murder fantasy.

Whitlock, of no fixed address, was jailed for 16 months for all four offences.

Jailing him, Judge Jonathan Howarth said: “Over a period of nine months you were in contact with like-minded individuals where you discussed fantasises in relation to you in particular you engaged in discussions which are frankly horrifying.

“You were engaging in roleplay or scenarios that would sicken any normal minded person.

“It was lurid and detailed. It shows that you clearly have a precondition for children in sexual offences.”

Whitlock must also signed the sex offenders’ register for 10 years after his release and be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 12 years.