Outing is a walk in the park for visually impaired

Marston walk
Marston walk

A walk at Marston Vale Millennium Park organised by Sight Concern Bedfordshire was arranged in co-operation from North Bedfordshire Ramblers Group (NBRG).

A group of visually impaired people gathered in the sunshine near the Sight Concern office in to be taken by minibus, oganised by the ramblers, to the park on Wednesday, July 12, where they were met by guides from both groups.

After taking a choice of three diffferent walks, or enjoying a leisurely time in the sensory garden, the group met up in the cafe.

After an enjoyable day, it was decided the outing would be held again and are keen to organised this with the ramblers once again.

One of the visually impaired walkers said: “The walk was great, it made me feel quite relaxed, the environment was nice and calm. I think the whole event went well, without any major issues and it was very well organised. I really enjoyed it and would like to do the walk again.”