With the Olympics, money makes money (as my dad used to say)

SO will G4S be able to provide enough security officials for the Olympic Games?

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 21st July 2012, 6:46 am

Answering a question in the House of Commons on Monday, Theresa May the Home Secretary, said the ‘precise balance of the number who will be provided will become clear in the next few days’ when answering question about G4s staffing arrangements.

That’s cutting things a bit fine!

Still it’s comforting to know that any unidentified aircraft entering the air space around Luton during the course of the Olympic Games could be shot down isn’t it? Quite what might happen to an unidentified aircraft entering the airspace around Luton after the games is not clear!

If you care to check out G4s website you will notice they claim to be ‘The world’s leading international security solutions group’. With claims like that I suppose anyone can get a job. The problems seem to occur when someone applies for a temporary post with the company!

What a complete shambles the Olympics seem to be in. I read the other day that around 300 officers wearing purple caps and tops are set to tour the country to ensure that no company, shop or other business can use certain words (Gold, Silver or Bronze for example) in their advertising and that publicans have been advised that posters or boards advertising live TV coverage of the Games cannot refer to beer brands or breweries that do not have an official Olympics deal

Money makes money as my old dad used to say – and he wasn’t wrong was he?

Finally my neighbour Tony, who you may recall has rebuilt an old bike and has been training in the local park (and who is smitten by Victoria Pendleton) has achieved great heights this past week.

He is now able to scoop up a tennis ball using my dog’s plastic ball thrower on the move! ‘Gemma’ has responded by following Tony around the park and refusing to stop barking when he finally dismounts from his mean machine and enters his house

Oh yes, last week I described Tony as closer to 50 than 40. He is in fact 59 and he insists I inform you of the fact. I only tell you this in case I need to borrow his ladder for decorating in the futur. He can get a bit narky at times, I think it’s his age!