Voters can be as silly as politicians – that’s the price of democracy

I have yet again turned to watching DVDs of yesteryear programmes rather than watch the dross currently on TV.

At the moment I am seven hours into that great 1991 series GBH and enjoying it as much as I did when it first came out. Much of the storyline could apply right now as far as politics is concerned. Short term gain and the ends justifying the means are still as rife now as it was then.

Still on politics it is also true that now and again voters in our country do some silly things. I can’t see George Galloway lasting long after a General Election but right now I don’t look forward to hearing and seeing him expound his crazy views. I guess that’s the price we pay for so called democracy.

As for our current Government they too have been inclined to make several schoolboy blunders recently. Quite how a Government minister can offer such silly advice as Mr Maude did is beyond me. Many of you will recall that the word “Jerry” was considered an insult to German people so the Minister will not be on the German Chancellor’s Christmas list. We mustn’t forget that he also was encouraging us to break the law!

As for that comedy duo Cameron and Clegg I really would relish the chance to stuff a pastie somewhere uncomfortable for both of them! What a right pair of fools they have become. With all the truly serious problems in our society to attend to they muck around with futile, childish gestures.

I had some odd advice this week and it came from the lady in my local Post Office. I asked to send an envelope containing a book to my brother. She said that she would have to measure to see if the package would go through the letterbox; I told her that it would because I tried it in my letterbox and it did.

“That isn’t the point,” I was admonished. “It’s what the Post Office says that matters and this won’t go through.” I left her brandishing a cardboard model of a letter box at me and went to purchase my newspaper!

It seems that along with putting up the price of postage stamps, the Post Office can decide the size my letter box should be even if it isn’t that size, if you see what I mean.

PS Many thanks to the people who telephoned, texted and emailed when I appeared on Roberto Perrone’s Drivetime Show at Three Counties Radio. I look forward to another appearance with Bobbie soon.