John Pilgrim: Who decides who deserves a gong?

SO here we are then, that wasn’t so difficult was it?

By The Newsroom
Monday, 9th January 2012, 4:04 am

Already we are into the New Year and no snow to speak of (yet), pressies all changed for something you really wanted, the lingerie department is busy with ladies bringing back what ‘hubby’ purchased for something more practical and the relatives have gone home.

We have a few deserving people already planning what to wear when they go to the palace to pick up their gongs and a few who should be ashamed to accept them.

Just who are the people who decide these things? How can they even consider offering a bloke who made millions from the collapse of a bank and someone who donates hundreds of thousands of pounds to a political party any kind of an award?

I guess that it would be too much to expect the Queen to step in say that she didn’t wish to be associated with the awards ceremony.

I’m thinking of putting my dog forward for a gong next year. She is good to me and everyone she meets, wouldn’t hurt a fly and she helps me to cross the road.

To my knowledge Gemma has never brought about the collapse of a bank. It’s true that she has knocked a few plants over in my garden but she did offer me the chance to rub her belly when I shouted at her.

Don’t misunderstand me I am not suggesting that I fancy rubbing a banker’s belly, though I quite fancy sending one on a long walk off a short pier.

Finally my thanks to the folk who texted or left phone messages for me when I visited my friend Roberto Perrone to appear on his BBC Three Counties Radio show just before Christmas.

Bobbie and his team work really hard on the programme and are to be commended for their efforts to maintain a high standard of radio journalism during difficult times for local radio.

It was also good to meet some old friends Toby Friedner, Luke Ashmead, Lee Agnew and Gerry Byrne; you have all put on weight lads.

PS Several readers have expressed concern about ‘Henry’ the Spaniel owned by the ‘Apple Lady’. Henry was getting into trouble by making advances to several lady dogs.

You will be pleased to learn that he recently made a mistake regarding the gender of a German shepherd and seems to have lost all interest in sex! (Feisty those Germans, ask the Prime Minister).