If disaster strikes, we will be ready for it

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Councillor James JamiesonCouncillor James Jamieson
Councillor James Jamieson

With the stormy weather showing no signs of letting up our emergency planning teams are on standby to respond to flood risk across our area.

Flooding is just one of the emergency scenarios that we plan for. While we never want to be in a position of having to put our plans into action, communities can take some comfort from knowing that if disaster strikes we’ll be ready.

In the event of an emergency we have arrangements in place for checking on vulnerable people, setting up rest centres where people can go if they’re evacuated and calling on the services of a range of local volunteer organisations. Our council workers are on hand 24/7 to protect our communities – working alongside emergency services and organisations.

The council plays a lead role in making sure that our local area is as resilient to flooding as it can be. We’re working with the Environment Agency and water companies on a new strategy to tackle the risk of flooding from surface water, rivers and groundwater, which includes flood prevention measures ranging from investigating the source of blockages to introducing byelaws requiring landowners to manage stretches of watercourse they’re responsible for. You can see our plans at www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/environment/natural-

We also work to make sure that new housing developments are safe from flooding by avoiding developments in flood-prone areas and making sure drainage systems are adequate. While the council is doing what we can to be ready for floods, I would urge residents to see how they can prepare too. Visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk and www.bllrf.org.uk

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