I think the Duke of Edinburgh might have had the right idea...

I HOPE that you have been managing to avoid the recent rather damp weather and that maybe we can look forward to at least a few weeks of a proper summer. It seems like only last week that we where warned of hosepipe bans for goodness sake.

I’m pleased to say that Prince Phillip got it right for once. I reckon he took one look at the Jubilee Celebration itinerary, cast an eye over the weather forecast and decided, “B****r that I’m off to bed for a few days”.

The man is 91 for goodness sake, how would you like to be kept from a night with a good book and glass of something you fancy and made to watch a crowd of noisy people all wanting some kind of an award from your wife instead?

> Meanwhile the Olympic Flame continues to make its way around the country collecting criticism as it goes.

It seems that there are those carriers who can purchase their flame holder, those who can’t afford to purchase it and those whose only qualification to be carrying it in the first place is to be the friend of someone who knows someone or has already offered money to support the games in a big way.

> The Leveson Enquiry drifts on with more and more details of the monstrous behaviour of some people in the world of politics and newspapers but I just get the feeling that at the end of this entire and expensive charade nothing will really change and that somewhere along the line innocent, decent people will still be the ones who get screwed.

The guilty will continue to parade in and out of the enquiry with self-satisfied smirks on there faces ready to start another lucrative trade elsewhere. I think that in polite circles it’s called ‘Taking the mickey’.

My dog’s got the right idea she does what Prince Phillip does, goes for a kip!