How good would the PM have been at the ‘Yes, No Interlude’?

WHILE I was flicking my TV between Russia v someone or other at football and Midsomer Murders (repeated for the umpteenth time) my mind wandered off to those far off television days of my youth.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 23rd June 2012, 8:10 am

For some reason I found myself recalling Michael Miles, who presented a game show entitled ‘Take Your Pick’. One part of the game was called the ‘Yes, No Interlude’ when contestants had to answer all of Michaels questions for 60 seconds without using the words no or yes.

Pretty tame stuff you might think but it filled the otherwise gloomy winter evenings.

Watching the Leveson Enquiry this past week made me wonder just how good our Prime Minister and our Chancellor would have been at the ‘Yes No Interlude’. I suspect they would have been rather good, never have I heard two men answer so many questions with ‘’I do not recall” or “Not to my recollection”.

Given that they are supposed to be running the country you would have thought both of them would have done well to keep a diary! Or perhaps that would have been foolish given what has come out from their telephone calls.

> On quite another subject, the area of the county where I live seems to be the target of members of the religious brigade recently. Almost every day when I take the dog for her walks I see these characters shuffling along in groups and knocking on doors to offer their beliefs up to the unbelievers.

I have nothing against people holding particular beliefs but I do resent the constant knocking on the front door and the rather over long and self-indulgent presentations.

Despite what some people might think I do not enjoy being rude at my front door but I am beginning to think that some of these groups seem to take some sort of comfort from being turned down.

I am considering sending the dog to the door in future, but there is a risk, she might be converted and I am not living with that every day!