Console Corner: The Order: 1886 review

A Time Crisis for PS4’s much-hyped exclusive?

Saturday, 28th February 2015, 10:55 am
The Order is much like one of its Jekyll and Hyde lycans PNL-150224-122218001

It’s fair to say the PS4’s much hyped big exclusive title The Order: 1886 is suffering something of a Time Crisis.

Friday’s release was met with widespread criticism and particularly low review scores with most panning it for being “too short” and “boring.”

Straight off I will start by saying criticism of the game’s length is justified. It is too short (takes around five-seven hours to complete) when you consider A) the amount the game costs B) the replay value and length of rival games and C) the fact there is no multiplayer mode.

It is ironic too that the game is suffering something of a Time Crisis as the actual gaming mechanics which is cover system throughout instantly reminded me of that classic shooting game.

But I feel the balance needs to be redressed somewhat so put aside all the criticisms for a moment. Graphically, The Order is without question THE most impressive game I have ever played.

That is quite a compliment considering how beautiful the likes of Assassin’s Creed: Unity look on next gen. And who decided that a gamer wants to sit for months playing a game, diverting off from the main storyline every two minutes to do side missions or find collectibles?

To me gaming is as much about the experience as it is replay value. Yes nowadays developers should try and cater for all tastes in that respect but 
The Order is like playing a stunning movie with a fantastic plot.

Yes the gameplay is nothing original – it is a mixture of Gears of War and Time Crisis for want of a better description. But both were excellent games so what’s not to like? Not every new game has to reinvent the wheel.

One issue I did agree with from other reviews is about the overload on Quick Time Events (you know when you press or mash a button to decide a set event in the game). These soon become a tad boring I must admit. But to label the game itself boring is unfair.

There are elements, like instead of just incorporating it into a cut scene you will walk from say the council chamber to another room. Nothing happens in the minute it takes to do so, you can’t interract with anything or run along the way and it then goes into another cut scene where exciting stuff happens that you wish you could have been playing a part in. In that respect they have got things the wrong way round.

All in all I would say The Order doesn’t offer enough to please everyone but some of us like to play games where you know what you have to do and that it is not going to take you months to complete.

Like the half-breed lycans that the knights are waging war against, The Order is very much Jekyll and Hyde.

Visually it is an epic masterpiece which sets the bar to a new level and offers a great cinematic gaming experience. But don’t just ignore it because reviewers are saying it is too short. If money is a big issue simply buy it, enjoy it and sell it.Rating: 7.5/10