Console Corner: Far Cry 4 review

You’ll have to go Far to find better.

Saturday, 6th December 2014, 10:55 am
Pagan Min is the tyrannical king ofKyrat

Freedom is the thing most desired by gamers nowadays and Far Cry 4 sets the bar to a new level with what is surely one of the games of the year.

If you thought GTA V and 
Assassin’s Creed gave you freedom and choice then Far Cry 4 goes even further still.

Make no mistake, this is openworld gameplay at its very best.

Pagan Min is the tyrannical king ofKyrat

The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is sublime. There are some initial sections which drag a little (maybe I was a slow learner but it took me a good while to master the bow and arrow when I was culling the wolves) but it is a thrilling world full of surprises and exploration.

You play as Ajay Ghale, a young man returning to his homeland of Kyrat to honour his dead mother’s last wish, to have her ashes scattered there.

But things aren’t that straightforward thanks to the country’s tyrannical King, 
Pagan Min, who sadly doesn’t feature as much as you would expect as the story progresses.

This has been criticised in other reviews and it has been marked down as a result but while it is a shame, it certainly shouldn’t diminish what is a totally engrossing gameplay experience.

A few minutes in I was paragliding through the Himalayas, speeding through forests on quad bikes and using animal remains as bait to draw grizzly bears and wolves to an area where they attacked my enemies to clear a path for me.

There is a vast array of weaponry, collectibles and the ability to craft items and weapons and a living, breathing world to discover.

The main aim throughout the game is to get back to Pagan Min and at key points during the campaign, you’ll have to make key decisions which affect the immediate missions and may or may not have bigger consequences further down the line.

It’s my early vote for Game of the Year and you won’t find a more immersive game out there at the moment.

Far Cry 4 is available now for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Rating: 9/10