Alan Dee’s guide to the pick of the week’s TV


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Channel 5, 9.35pm)

It’s the 200th episode of SVU, and to mark the occasion, a very special guest star indeed is set to appear – Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams.

He’s the villain of the piece here in a role reminiscent of those he played in Insomnia and 24 Hour Photo.


Garrow’s Law (BBC One, 9pm)

For newcomers, this acclaimed legal drama is inspired by the life of pioneering 18th-century barrister William Garrow.

The award-winning saga follows his day-to-day dealings and his associate John Southouse as they champion the underdog and pioneer the rigorous cross-examination of prosecution witnesses that we’re now so familiar with.

Each episode begins with an investigation into a real crime found in the Old Bailey archives.

In this second offering, Quinn and Foley, a pair of Spitalfield silk-weavers, are accused of destroying silk looms in an act of industrial sabotage.

However, their defence is wafer-thin and the evidence is stacked against them.

Garrow is bored, disillusioned and looking for a case that will tax and inspire his restless mind, so persuading a sceptical jury of their innocence proves quite a challenge.


The Lost Orphan: Mirela’s Story (Channel 5, 10pm)

TV presenter Natalie Pinkham has never forgotten her brief association with the children of Romania. While there, a smiling three-year-old called Mirela stole her heart. In this moving and powerful documentary, she returns to see how time has treated that once-happy little girl.


Ian Hislop: When Bankers Were Good (BBC Two, 9pm)

At the moment, bankers rank somewhere below politicians, tax inspectors and traffic wardens in the popularity stakes.

As a team captain on Have I Got News for You and editor of Private Eye, you’d normally expect to see Ian Hislop leading the satirical jabs at their expense. But instead he’s following up his acclaimed series Age of the Do-Gooders by looking back to the Victorian age when bankers were uncomfortable with their newfound fortunes and set out to improve the lot of others.


That’s Britain (BBC One, 8pm)

A live show about the things in modern Britain that drive us all mad, hosted by Nick Knowles and Julia Bradbury and featuring Ade Edmonson


Living With The Amish (Channel 4, 9pm)

There’s going to be one heck of a shock in store for the six Brit teenagers who will be packing away their mobile phones, along with their partying ways, and heading to Ohio for six weeks of simple living with the Amish.


Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh (Channel 4, 10pm)

immy Carr unleashes his quickfire gags at the SECC Glasgow as part of his latest tour.

There are some near the knuckle comments as the hardestworking man on the circuit deflects heckles from the audience.

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