Online funding bid for new short film written by Bedford man

Bedford Film Making Group.
Bedford Film Making Group.

A community film making group is appealing for online donations to create a new movie in partnership with a Bedford writer.

The Bedford Film Making Cooperative is working with Andy Buffham, who is making his directorial debut with his story Cemetery Hill.

Bedford Film Making Group.

Bedford Film Making Group.

The dark psychological thriller is about a disturbed teenage boy who kills someone in the park and forces the witness to help hide the body.

The film will be around 30 minutes long and will be shot over eight nights between 8pm and midnight in March.

An initial fundraising target of £500 had been set but donations via online site Kickstarter have already reached £550.

Producer Matt Brownsett said: “The more money we get the more scope and options it gives us.

“It means that we can bring in actors from further afield because we are paying expenses.

“We have got an awesomely talented crew and now we need to match it with an equally talented cast.”

He said the extra money can also be used on special effects.

To save money, the group is hoping to recruit a cast and crew that will work for food and expenses and become stakeholders.

Those interested can contact Matt on 07949 444718 or look on cating sites To Be Seen and StarNow.

Donate before the end of Friday at

Those that donate £3 or more will be mentioned in the film’s credits and there are also other incentives on offer.