One in eight people will spend more on pets presents than relatives

Almost two thirds of pets will be having a merry Christmas, as their owners will be getting them a present this festive season.
People spend more on pets than humans at ChristmasPeople spend more on pets than humans at Christmas
People spend more on pets than humans at Christmas

However, some humans may go short, as one in eight pet owners admit they will spend more on their pets than on their own relatives.

Waitrose surveyed 1,000 people and found that 62% of British people will buy their pet an Xmas treat, with Yorkshire and Humber having, it seems, the most generous pet owners.

Demand for animal gifts has reached an all-time high, the retailer reported - festive pet gift sales are already double 2014 levels, as 13% of domestic animals getting their own advent calendar. Three in four owners will even gift-wrap for their pampered pooches and feted felines.

A special festive meal is also on the table for a quarter of pets, and 15% can expect a Christmas sweater. Best-selling item, however, is a Christmas stocking for dogs.

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