Stormin’ Norman - golden eagle on the loose


If you spot an unusually large bird patrolling the skies above Bedfordshire, it may well be escaped golden eagle Norman.

The huge bird of prey was in the care of Allen Smith at his workplace in Flitwick when he made his bid for freedom.

Allen, a falconer from Lidlington, said he had been loaned the bird, which is capable of catching a cat if he gets hungry.

Since spreading his 6ft wings last week (January 9), Norman has been spotted in a garden in Lidlington, and again in Stewartby.

Allen’s daughter, Mel, said Norman shouldn’t get hungry for about three weeks and said they hoped to find him before he does attack any pets.

Three-year-old Norman stands roughly three feet tall and weighs 10lbs and can be easily identified by the leather straps dangling from his feet.

In the UK, almost all wild golden eagles are found in Scotland, in open, treeless areas, where their preferred prey is hare, grouse and sometimes rabbit. They also eat snakes and small birds.

If you spot Norman, call Bedfordshire Police on 101.