Can you help make Fun Palace awesome?

Bedford Fun Palace illustration PNL-150508-151257001
Bedford Fun Palace illustration PNL-150508-151257001

People across Bedford are being asked if they’d like to volunteer as guides or bloggers for BedPop Fun Palace, a pop up celebration of arts and science, for all ages, coming to Bedford this October.

Fun Palaces were conceived in the 1960s as a ‘laboratory of fun’ and ‘a university of the streets’. The concept was revived in October 2014 when over 250 Fun Palaces popped up throughout the UK. This year the idea is coming to Bedford to show how science and arts are all around us – often without us even realising. There will be multiple workshops, across five town center venues, and volunteers are now needed to help the two-day event run smoothly.

Erica Roffe from BedPop Fun Palace says: “The BedPop Fun Palace gives Bedfordians a chance to take part in a huge variety of interactive arts and science events, delivered by local organisations and businesses. Breaking down any barriers people may feel they have in accessing the arts and sciences. Fun Palaces collectively believes everyone is an artist and everyone is a scientist – we will show you how.

“Of course events like this are very much reliant of the support of others. We’d now love to hear from anyone who is interested in joining our volunteer team as guides for the weekend or bloggers to write about the activities taking place.

While this may be the first time a Fun Palace has come to Bedford, the team behind the event have big plans: “The BedPop Fun Palace is a collaborative effort by the cultural and education communities with Bedford businesses for the greater good of Bedford.” Adds Erica: “Our goal is to further inspire people in the town and help make Bedford a destination for visitors, businesses and touring cultural events. Adding to Bedford’s growing reputation as a cultural destination.”

Volunteers for weekend guide or blogging positions can sign up by contacting

Parents interested in Bedford Fun Palace can find out more at