OAPs’ £35m luxury resort set to be built in Wixams


A £35million luxury retirement resort for the over-55s is set to be built in Wixams.

The exclusive ‘village’ will have a fitness centre, cafe 
bistro, IT suite, greenhouse, craft and hobby room, restaurant and wellbeing centre.

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, which already supports 4,400 older people in 17 
housing schemes and 14 villages, has acquired a site in Bedford Road for the Wixams development. Planning 
permission for the scheme has been granted.

Social housing specialist at law firm Shakespeares, which acts on behalf of the trust, said: “There has been a marked increase in demand for extra-care 
accommodation that aims to cater for older people who want to live independently but with the option of tailored support should they need it.

“This demand is still 
out-stripping supply in many areas of the country and local authorities and housing 
associations are aiming to 
address this in the near 

They added: “The 
current shortage of extra-care schemes and their appeal compared to other types of retirement accommodation, means interest in the villages planned for Wixams is already very high.

“We are also likely to see many more such schemes in the future.”