Number of people fined for speeding on 30mph roads in Beds has almost quadrupled

Almost four times as many people were caught speeding on 30mph roads in Bedfordshire during 2015 compared to five years ago.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 20th January 2016, 9:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th January 2016, 9:14 am
Think 30, police warn.
Think 30, police warn.

One motorist was caught doing a staggering 99mph along a 30mph road last year.

Latest figures show that in the last five years the number of people caught speeding on 30mph roads has more than tripled - rising from 8,238 in 2010 to 28,730 between January and November last year.

In neighbouring Hertfordshire, the number of motorists issued tickets almost doubled during the same five year period - a total of 45,309 drivers were issued with penalties. In Cambridgeshire, the figure has dropped from 23,474 in 2010 to 18,807 last year.

The roads policing unit is now urging people to slow down and help reduce the number of people killed or injured on the roads by ‘thinking 30’.

Inspector Phil Bloor said: “When driving on built-up roads, assume the limit os 30mph until you see a sign saying otherwise. Remember the limit could also be 20mph.

“You are four times more likely to die if you are hit by a vehicle at 40mph as opposed to 30mph.

“While I’m sure the majority of motorists have heard this saying, the fact remains that it is true - it’s 30 for a reason.

“If you kill someone while speeding you will have to live with the long-term emotional consequences.”

In 2014, the highest speed recorded along a 30mph zone in Beds was 90mph. Records show that speeds have been climbing - in 2013 the top speeder was 78mph and the fastest speeding cars recorded between 2012 and 2010 were all travelling at 55mph.

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three penalty points added to your licence. Motorists can also be banned from driving if they build up 12 or more penalty points within a three year period or if a court decides disqualification is necessary due to the seriousness of the case.