Norman the missing golden eagle is spotted by his trainer

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Missing golden eagle Norman has been been spotted by his trainer after more than a week flying free.

The bird of prey took flight on Friday, January 9 after escaping from falconer Allen Smith, 65.

Pet owners were put on alert after it was revealed there was a chance the bird would into gardens and pick up helpless domestic animals.

Allen had loaned the eagle, with a six-foot wingspan, and took him to his workplace in Flitwick when he went missing.

The bird, which stands at three feet tall and weighs 10lbs, was spotted in his home area by Allen.

The bird had previously been spotted in multiple locations across Bedfordshire.

Allen, from Lidlington, said it was likely Norman would not have eaten any pets as he had just been fed when he went missing and would not have become hungry for a few more days.