Night Wolf reaches out to budding artists in the music business

Ryan Wilcox, aka Night Wolf.
Ryan Wilcox, aka Night Wolf.

A music producer who has hopes for big things wants to help other budding local artists along in the business.

Ryan Wilcox has signed a 70-year contract with Music Jar, which collects tracks for films, video and television. The firm works with The Cutting Edge Group, which has delivered soundtracks for hit movies including The King’s Speech and Disney’s Brave.

“It is what I have been working towards for about five years,” said Ryan, who had classical piano training as a child. “I have been pushing for the music to get to this stage. It is a bigger chance for me to get noticed in the industry.”

Ryan, who produces under the name Night Wolf - inspired by his favourite British wrestler, which harks back to Ryan’s childhood dreams of being a wrestler himself - produced music for the film trailer of Essex Boys: Retribution.

Now, signed to record label Fly Productionz, he has set up his own home studio in Bedford and would like to collaborate with local artists.

Ryan, 28, said: “I really want to reach out to artists across Bedford and Luton. I want to link up and collaborate with a lot more musicians - to help people along the way, as well as promoting my own name.”

Just before Christmas Ryan released a free download EP entitled The Nightmare Before Christmas and he hopes to release more free music in the future.

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