New smartphone energy app being trialled in Bedford ahead of nationwide roll-out

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British Gas customers in Bedford are among the first to try my energy live, a new smartphone energy app, ahead of a nationwide roll-out.

Customers with smart meters who are trialling the free app in town can now see how much they’re spending on energy anywhere, at any time.

The easy-to-use app shows customers the same information traditionally displayed on the in-home display, provided when smart meters are installed. Customers can now see the exact cost of the gas and electricity they are using, in pounds and pence, via a live feed display on a smartphone.

The app allows customers to see how much home appliances are costing, gives a predicted daily energy spend and total of how much energy is being used by day, week or month.

The trial started with customers in Bedford last month and will be extended nationwide later this year. Then, any British Gas customers upgrading to smart meters will be able to choose between having the app or the physical in-home display.

Heidi, who lives with her husband and baby in Bedford, is one of the first to trial the app.

She said: “My energy live makes it really easy to understand where we’re using energy at home. As a busy mum with a full time job, my energy live is the perfect way for me to monitor our energy usage as it gives me the option to check energy on the go.

“It’s encouraged me to find alternatives at home as well, for example rather than use the tumble dryer I will hang the washing out. It’s better for the environment, and saves us money, which are both really important to us with a young family.”

Chris Damiral, a Smart Energy Expert at British Gas, said: “Customers with smart meters can see exactly how much energy they’re using, almost as they use it; it also means an end to meter readings and estimated bills.

“my energy live is ideal for people who like to manage their household costs by smartphone. The added bonus is that the account can be downloaded on more than one smartphone, giving even more flexibility to customers.”

By 2020, smart meters will be rolled out as standard across Britain. British Gas is leading the way, and has already installed more than 1.4 million smart meters in customers’ homes.

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